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07. Appellate Law

Legal Solutions for Your Appellate Law Needs

After all the hard work that goes into taking a case to trial, the last thing either side wants is to come up short. But, even if the court’s final decision did not go your way, you still have the opportunity to appeal.

Cook Law Firm provides guidance in criminal, civil and administrative appeals — including petitions for review.

Bringing Your Case Before the Court of Appeals

When you appeal a trial court decision, a panel of judges — either in the Oregon Court of Appeals or the Oregon Supreme Court — review the trial record and hear arguments from both sides to determine whether there was an error.

If you appeal a conviction by a criminal court, you might argue that:

  • The evidence doesn’t support your conviction.

  • The trial court abused its discretion in either the conviction or the sentencing.

  • Your trial lawyer did not meet the level of effectiveness required by the Sixth Amendment.

We have briefed and successfully argued appellate cases in various areas, including domestic relations, criminal, and restraining order cases that were reversed and remanded.


We understand how important an appeal can be and provide personalized assistance for every client. Appeals in each area of law have specific time constraints that must be followed, so it is important to work with an attorney experienced in appellate law.

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 Suiting Your  Appellate Law Needs

We offer a variety of competitive fee agreements, tailored to the particular scope of work we perform to meet our appellate clients' objectives. 

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