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04. Civil Litigation &
Dispute Resolution

Filing, prosecuting or Defending Your Lawsuit

Whether you need to file or defend a civil lawsuit, Cook Law Firm is ready to assist you with the action from the initiation of a proceeding through the disposition.

Legal Solutions for Your Property Issues

Whether it's your home, business, or investment property, and whether you are involved in a complex real estate transaction or stuck in a boundary dispute, Cook Law Firm is ready to assist you to resolve your property issues.  We handle contracts, negotiation and litigation including trespass, boundary, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Legal Solutions for medical/dental malpractice

Patients place the highest level of trust in their medical professionals.  Accordingly, there are very high standards of care for doctors, nurses and medical staff.  When those standards of care are breached and this causes harm to a patient, we are here to work with you toward obtaining full compensation for your injury.

We will utilize appropriate skilled medical experts to convert your complex medical issues into a compelling cause of action; whether it be for the purpose of early settlement/resolution or at trial before a jury. 

Compensation for Harm to You and Your Loved Ones - Injury / Wrongful Death

If you have been injured or suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, we will advocate for your legal rights.  We will  contact insurers, medical providers, law enforcement and any other parties involved.


We will investigate the facts of the incident, contact witnesses and obtain police reports and medical records and continue to follow up until we have the evidence to settle or litigate your case for its full value.



 Suiting Your Litigation / ADR Needs

Request a Price Quote

We offer a variety of competitive fee agreements, tailored to the particular scope of work we perform to meet our property clients' objectives. 

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