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Our Fees

At Cook Law Firm we review our fees structure regularly to ensure the costs to our clients are competitive and reasonable.

Depending on the type of matter and scope of work, we offer different types of representation agreements such as:

Hourly Fee Agreements

Clients are billed for attorney and legal support staff time at defined hourly rates.

Clients pay for work that has been performed by attorneys and legal support staff.

If clients pay funds in advance of the work to be performed, those funds are held in our attorney trust account and applied to fees for work performed.

Fixed Fee Agreements

Clients are billed a single fee for a pre-determined scope of work. These fees are "earned on receipt."

Contingency Fee Agreements

Clients are not billed for attorney fees and legal support staff time. If there is a recovery at the conclusion of a matter, the law firm then takes a percentage of the same -- typically 33%.

If there is no recovery, the law firm takes no fees.

*For all matters, clients are responsible for third-party costs, such as court filing fees, process serving, legal transcription, and costs to obtain records.

If we are not confident we can assist you with your matter, we will refer you to another qualified attorney or lawyer referral service to assist your search for the right legal counsel. 

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