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01. Business Law

Services to Businesses

Any business, regardless of its size, encounters legal challenges. From filing the right paperwork or getting a business started, to managing contract disputes, it is important to have someone you can turn to who also understands your business needs.

At Cook Law Firm, we provide guidance for businesses throughout the Northwest. We believe every client deserves to have an attorney who takes the time to understand their clients' goals.


To ensure you start your business on the right foot, we will assist you with choosing and forming the right entity suited to fit your specific needs, whether it be:

  • Sole proprietorship

  • Corporation

  • Nonprofit

  • Limited liability company

  • Limited partnership

  • General partnership

  • Limited liability partnership

  • Hybrid/nesting entity

We will draft and tailor your operating or partnership agreement or articles of incorporation and bylaws, in accord with Oregon laws and rules. Oregon Secretary of State Business Laws and Rules

We will also advise and prepare documents for your business on a full range of employment law issues.


To protect your proprietary work, we will advise you re:


The best way to prevent problems down the road is to have a strong agreement from the beginning. Your transactions and agreements with your business partners require much more than cut-and-paste boilerplate provisions. 

Cook Law Firm is located near the State of Oregon Capitol building

 Suiting Your Legal Business Needs

We offer a variety of competitive fee agreements, tailored to the particular scope of work we perform to meet our business clients' objectives. 

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